Is the mayor of Marcus Hook a 'demon?'

James D. Schiliro, Marcus Hook mayor. (Facebook)

As a "safe" Democratic district in Delaware County, the 159th House District gets little coverage from the political press. That's a shame, because there's enough strange sh*t happening down there to open a riverfront bureau.

In November, I wrote about how longtime Democratic state Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland had helped steer hundreds of thousands of dollars from Harrisburg to organizations close to his family, including the Baptist church were he preaches. The state Ethics Commission is looking into it.

When Kirkland's Republican opponent in last year's election, Marcus Hook Mayor James "Jay" Schiliro, publicly raised some of those issues, Kirkland walked up to the altar of his church and called Schiliro a "demonic opponent."

"When I say demon, I’m speaking of devilish behavior," Kirkland later explained to me, before he shut down and declined to answer questions about his campaign finances.

Anyway, turns out Schiliro might actually be a demon! Maybe.

He allegedly got all liquored up last month, sent a police car to bring a 20-year-old guy to his house, waved handguns around, gave the minor wine, fired off a round and told him he was "going to be a hostage." Schiliro was a guest of U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan at last year's State of the Union.

And something tells me there's more to this story. You know what I'm talking about ...