Man uses Pepper Ball Blaster to shoot girlfriend's ex

Not content with being just a gun, or just pepper spray, there is one item - the Pepper Ball Blaster - that combines the best of both worlds, or the worst, as one drunk Sharon Hill man discovered Sunday.

Around 8:30 p.m. the drunken man, whom was not identified by police, went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment building on Sharon Avenue near Chester Pike and got into an argument with his ex and her new boyfriend, said Sharon Hill Police Chief Robert Tinsley.

"The new boyfriend came to her defense because the old boyfriend, he was apparently being pretty intoxicated and started coming at this guy," Tinsley said.

To defend his lady friend, the new boyfriend pulled out his trusty Pepper Ball Blaster and fired a shot directly at the old beau's eyes, police said.

According to the Pepper Ball Technologies website, the Pepper Ball Blasters are devices that use "high-pressure air delivery systems" to launch tiny gel balls filled with hot pepper powder that explode upon impact.

After firing the blaster, the couple then got in to their car and fled, Tinsley said. The old boyfriend, still being all drunk and stuff, started running around the apartment grounds screaming "I'm shot! I'm shot!"

The first responding officer to the scene saw red "stuff," believed to be the powder, by the drunk man's eye and took him to the hospital. There, they discovered that his eye was fine.

Tinsley said police have been in contact with the man's ex and her new boyfriend and that neither are expected to face any charges. The Pepper Ball Blaster is legal to own, he said.

If you have a second and need a good laugh, take a look at this gem of an instructional video on the Pepper Ball Blaster.