Election loser nominates himself for County Council

This is rich.

Democrat Keith Collins, the Church of the Overcomer pastor who lost his second bid for a Delaware County Council seat this month, will not be deterred.

keith collins1
Collins: Known for "fresh, innovative ideas"

Unable to overcome the GOP's continued dominance of countywide elections in Delaware County, Collins came up with a novel idea at yesterday's council meeting. He slipped an envelope to Solicitor John McBlain, suggesting that "a good friend of mine" fill a soon-to-be-vacant seat on the all-Republican council.

And the nominee is .... Keith Collins!

Since I haven't been to a Delco council meeting in, oh, about two years, the quote of the day is courtesy of Danielle Lynch at the Delaware County Daily Times:

"I recommended someone very close to me – myself," Collins told Lynch after the meeting.

I happen to think it would be a great idea for a Democrat, or any non-Republican watchdog, to sit on the 5-person council, which has been a GOP monopoly for decades.

I'd also like to see the Eagles make the playoffs this year.