Lock your car or pay $25?

Should drivers be fined $25 if they leave their cars unlocked? That's under consideration in Upper Moreland, whose residents, like those in so many other suburban Philadelphia towns, have not fully grasped the notion that their iPods and wallets are not safe inside an unlocked vehicle. That apparently includes two Upper Moreland commissioners. From today's story in the Courier Times

After an outcry from some who feel the initiative would be an invasion of privacy, township police Chief Thomas Nestel, who proposed the ordinance, explained to the commissioners' public safety committee Monday why he thinks Upper Moreland needs it.

From 2008 to the present, three-quarters or more of each year's reported thefts from cars were from those left unlocked, Nestel said. This year so far, for example, thefts were reported from 81 cars, 75 percent of them unsecured. ...

... Commissioners said they've been hearing mostly negative feedback on the proposal. Two commissioners admitted they'd had things stolen from their own unlocked cars.

Has it really come to this? What do you think about the proposed law? Here's my rant from last week on the phenomenon of not locking one's vehicle. It actually happens all the time around here. And thieves actually steal stuff from those vehicles all the time.