Innocent (but drunk) man confesses to murder

Police in Darby Borough spent a couple hours last night investigating a potential homicide after a man called the Colwyn Police station with a murder confession.

“The guy was very intoxicated,” Darby Chief Bob Smythe said. “He said he murdered a guy on the Pine Street railroad bridge, threw him off the bridge. We go up there, we search the tracks, we called the railroad, we did everything. We find nobody, no blood, no body parts.”

So it appears this schlep sent police on a wild-goose chase around 10:30 p.m. for no apparent reason. Don’t bother asking, “Why?” It’s probably not worth your time. He wasn't charged with a crime.

“If we found a body," Smythe said, "it’d be a different story. I'm glad we didn't."