Help me find 'Steve' the pig

We are going to find this dang pig.

This is Steve's situation. Police won't give him back. Or even say where he's being held. Apparently, you can't have pigs in Ridley, but his owners just want to know where he is so they can find him a new home of their choosing. Also, Steve cost $424 at the pet store.

steve eating12
"Steve" pigging out

Do we have any Daily News readers in Reading? Keep your eyes peeled. Ask around. Scope the farms. (But don’t trespass because this is Pennsylvania and you will be shot on site).

E-mail tips to And if you get a visual on Steve, like if he breaks out to head into town or something, for God's sake take a photo.

I have a feeling Ridley officials are going to spill the beans at some point. Using taxpayer dollars to defend a lawsuit to keep a potbellied pig's whereabouts secret is not a political winner, no matter how you cut it.

Meanwhile, I’m going to look into getting me one of these “Where’s Steve?” T-shirts.