Friday, August 1, 2014
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Happy birthday Delco!

Today's is Delco's birthday!

Happy birthday Delco!

Bet this guy, discovered by William Bender, is celebrating Delco´s birthday today.
Bet this guy, discovered by William Bender, is celebrating Delco's birthday today.

Today's is Delco's birthday!

The editor of the Delaware County Daily Times has more information in his column today, but we just wanted to make sure you celebrate 224 years of Delco properly.

So tell us, what is the best way to celebrate a birthday in Delco? Do you go to Charlie's, Durty Nelly's or a Taste of Key West? So many decisions!

What present would you gift to Delco on its big day? An #udhero shirt? An Xbox? "Free" pot? Radioactive meds? A new park bench? A panic button? A meatball sandwich made just right?

When you type "Delco" into Google, the first result is an Urban Dictionary definition of the county, which includes this bit of wisdom: "Delco is something you can spot from across the bar while out of town. Speaking of bars, there's a 42:1 ratio when it comes to Bars to Library's. And, it's cool to be a 26 year old bar're just waiting for your big break."

You have to love that the author spelled libraries wrong. Classic Delco!

He goes on: "Delco is in everyone, you just need to find it and to find it you need to live it. It's the way you walk, the way you look and the way you talk. The residences of Delco aren’t cocky, we're confident....confident because we know."

So today, my friends, I urge you to find your inner Delco in honor of the greatest suburban county in Southeast Pennsylvania and perhaps, the world.

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