Thursday, May 7, 2015

Main Line jewelry > Philly shooting victims?

Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelry store on the Main Line is offering $10,000 to catch a group of smash-and-grab bandits. But no one ponied up a fat reward for four gunshot victims in West Philly. So the U.S. Marshals Service had to scrape together $2,500.

Main Line jewelry > Philly shooting victims?

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Last week, the Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelry store in Radnor was targeted by a crew of smash-and-grab bandits who made off with an unspecified amount of jewelry. The store quickly offered a $10,000 reward to shake loose tips about the thieves.

Take a trip down Lancaster Avenue into West Philadelphia and you’ll end up at the scene of two December shootings with four victims – including Ronald Washington, 69, who was struck in the head while riding a motorized scooter, and James Hollis, 81, who was shot in the back and arm while walking from the bus stop.

“We have two elderly gentlemen who spent their lives in the neighborhood, only to be gunned down by idiots carrying out a feud,” Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives told the Inquirer’s Mike Newell last month.

But no one came forward with a five-figure reward on behalf of the victims, all of whom survived. So the U.S Marshals Service announced over the weekend that it had scraped together $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of Raheem Kareem, 23, the alleged shooter in both cases.

Do the math: That’s $625 per West Philly shooting victim vs. $10,000 for some jewelry on the Main Line.

Does this reward system seem outta whack to anyone else?

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