Fur coat insurance fraud?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly has filed fraud charges against a Delaware County woman who allegedly submitted a bogus home owner's insurance claim "over the loss of her mink coat."

Which is rather creative, as far as these scams go. Anyway, it didn't turn out well for Samiha Guirguis.

Samiha Guirguis 06 19 2012 Arrest Photo Front
Alleged furry fraudster

Kelly says Guirguis, 59, of Havertown, placed a mink coat – with her name sewn into it – at a storage facility in King of Prussia in 2005 and was provided a receipt showing the value of the coat was $1,000. In 2009, Guirguis went to retrieve the coat, but claimed that it wasn't her fur. (Keep in mind, her name is monogrammed inside).

Guirguis allegedly provided an altered receipt from the storage facility claiming it was worth $10,000, and another altered receipt from Macy’s. Then, Kelly said, she made a claim for her supposedly $10,388 coat under her home owner’s policy and denied having made any prior claims in connection with the coat.

Authorities say Guirguis, who is charged with forgery, insurance fraud and theft, tried to run a similar scam on another fur-storage facility in 2001. The owner of that facility told investigators that he later learned that Guirguis had complained to the Consumer Affairs Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

Sometimes it all comes full circle, huh?

Read the criminal complaint here. It claims that Guirguis weighs zero pounds. I'm going to assume that is a typo ... or Guirguis is fudging the numbers again.