Surprise marijuana delivery in Upper Darby

Back from vacation, and I read this morning that an elderly couple in Upper Darby unexpectedly received five pounds of high-grade marijuana in the mail and decided to call police.

My first thought: How many Daily Delco readers in Upper Darby would do the same if $10,000 worth of pot showed up on their doorstep and no one else knew about it?


Off the top of my head, I'm going to say roughly four out of 10 would keep the weed. One guy would sell it. The other three are married couples who'd have enough pot to last them 100 lifetimes because they only smoke twice a year, on average, after the kids go to sleep.

Maybe if it was some crunchy schwag they'd call Chitwood, but ...

Don't try to deny it. I know my readers. Am I right?

To the other 60 percent of readers, the Upper Darby Police Department thanks you for your cooperation.


What would you do?

Update: Guess I was wrong. Only one in three readers would call the cops, according to a highly scientific poll. Chitwood is disappointed.