Folcroft flashbacks in Darby Borough?

Tonight's Darby council meeting should be interesting, after cops discovered a semi-hidden surveillance camera inside the police department. From our story today:

The rumor going around Darby Borough is that a cop recently discovered an unauthorized surveillance camera inside the police station - a camera that not even the chief knew was there.

It's true.

The camera had been installed in the station on Summit Street unbeknownst to most Darby cops, including Chief Bob Smythe, the chief said. The mayor, council president and chairman of the council's public-safety committee also were unaware, they said yesterday.

"I was pissed off when I heard about it," said Smythe, who learned of the camera this month and ordered it disconnected. "Nothing like that should be going on without me knowing about it."

Smythe says this is nothing like the 2004 Folcroft police scandal that sent Anthony "Wizard of Folcroft" Truscello and Councilman Joseph Zito to jail. He's probably right. But a lot of people are looking for answers.