Famous names in Upper Darby news this week

Nelson Mandela and Nelson Mandela Myers

Some famous names out of Upper Darby have made the news this week, but the names don't belong to famous people.

On Tuesday, a trash man who lives in Upper Darby become a hero when he found a 5-year-old girl in a playground who had been abducted from her school the day before. That man's name is Nelson Mandela Myers.

Then today, I wrote another story about a man named Paul Simon Jamrozik, who allegedly lured a 12-year-old neighbor in to his house, covered the boy's feet with athlete's foot spray and then rubbed and tickled them.

Interesting that both famous names have South African connections. Nelson Mandela influenced the country as its president and as an anti-apartheid leader and Paul Simon was greatly influenced by the country when creating his famous album Graceland.

I'd guess Mandela would be far more proud of the Upper Darby man that shares his name than Paul Simon.