At noodle house, drunk man injures his noodle

Pennsylvania State Police say a 74-year-old Newtown Square man got so drunk at Sang Kee Noodle Bowl in Edgmont that he "fell from a bar stool ... injuring his head," thus generating a bad noodle-pun headline.

When medics arrived to help, cops say, John Reid was "extremely intoxicated and combative."

"According to the EMT and paramedic, Reid tried hitting them several times," Trooper Matthew Rose wrote in the incident report.

Reid was given a chance to call someone for a ride because he was too drunk to drive (that's been established, right?), but he refused, police say. So they hauled him in and charged him with public drunkenness.

The incident reports states: "Victim: Society." Hey, stay out of Center City!

This seems like a good time to refer back to our handy guide on how-not-to-wind-up-on-the-Daily Delco. Unfortunately, this case will likely appear in the updated 2012 guide. Sorry, John.