Darby, Delco 'very, very, very lucky'

Darby Creek
The Darby Creek did not flood during Hurricane Sandy, to the relief of Darby Borough officials.

Darby Borough Council President Janice Davis burst through the front doors of the emergency shelter at the Darby Community Center this morning with a bone to pick with Hurricane Sandy.

"The only thing I'm uspet about through this whole storm is my goddarn Obama sign blew away!" she said. "I'm upset! I'm mad about it!"

The fact that Davis' only gripe about Sandy was a missing sign illustrates just how little damage the flood-prone borough suffered during the storm.

Delaware County sustained minimal damage in general, though there were reports of power outages, downed trees blocking roadways and malfunctioning traffic signals today. During the night, a blown transformer caused the county prison to revert to backup power, but no serious probelms were reported.

Back at the Darby Community Center, where about 50 people sought refuge Monday night, Darby Police Chief Robert Smythe said half the town lost electricity around 11 p.m. Monday, but all power had been restored by noon.

He said no streets flooded in the borough and the emergency shelter at the community center would be shut down by 2 p.m.

"We're very, very, very lucky it all came together," he said. "We had a plan but thank God we didn't have to use it and it passed us by."

Darby Mayor Helen Thomas agreed, noting how Darby Creek, which often overflows its banks, "looks so good" today.

"Thank God we dodged the storm and Darby is being blessed today," she said.