Daily Delco: Toxic fumes, nuclear meds keep cops busy

This weekend in Delaware County served as another reminder that cops have a dangerous – and completely unpredictable – job. Sure, they might have an uneventful day ... or they could end up walking unprotected into a Hazmat situation.

That was the situation Sunday morning in Aston, where two police officers and a paramedic were treated for exposure to chemical fumes  when they responded to a mobile-home park. They had to back out and call in a Hazmat crew. Police believe a woman died inside.

On Friday, a police helicopter was hovering over my hood in search of an armed man who carjacked a Cardinal Health Systems car in Darby Borough containing radioactive medicine – Fluorine-18 and Technetium-99. Whatever that is.

Cops often make the news for all the things they do wrong, and they should be held accountable. But the vast majority are good men and women. And they always respond to the call, whether it’s about guy with a gun, or some chemicals they’ve never heard of it.