Cops: Gunmen chased away with broom

Two armed men who broke into a Chester home early this morning and tied up one man and robbed another were chased away by the woman of the house who was armed only with a broom, police said.

Shortly after midnight, the two young, unidentified men broke into a home on Madison Street near 23rd that is owned by an Asian family that runs a convenience store in the city, Chester Police Capt. Stephen Fox said.

After they broke in through a rear window, a 49-year-old male resident of the house went downstairs to investigate the disturbance and was tied at his hands and feet with a belt and an extension cord, police said.

When the man's 80-year-old father came downstairs, he was robbed of $50 at gunpoint, Fox said. It was only when the robbers started to go up the stairs and were confronted by the 43-year-old woman of the house, who was brandishing a broom, that they were chased out, Fox said.

The residents were unable to provide descriptions of the robbers. The 49-year-old man suffered a broken ankle when he tried to escape, but aside from that no injuries were sustained by the occupants and the robbers made off only with the $50 they took from the elderly man.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Chester Police at 610-447-7931.