Cops: Drunk man arrested at his class reunion

Perhaps he was voted "Most likely to be arrested at the class reunion..."

State Police in Delaware County arrested a West Chester man at his 20th class reunion shortly after midnight yesterday after he got wasted, refused to the leave the party and then assaulted bartenders who dragged him out and a state trooper who tried to stop him from going back in, according police.

Tpr. Rosemary McGuire, state police spokeswoman, did not know what school's 20th reunion Matthew Wade Huston was attending at the Concordville Inn Saturday night when he had one too many cocktails. According to a news release, written by investigating Tpr. John Hanosek, Huston's "tumultuous behavior" led hotel staff to ask him to leave the premises.

When Huston, 40, refused, three bartenders attempted to escort him from the property and he punched one of those men in the face, police said. The staff left him outside of the hotel, in the parking lot, and when state troopers were called to the scene they found him walking back towards the hotel, McGuire said.

When Huston wouldn't listen to the troopers requests for him to stop, they approached him and tried to subdue him, according to police.

"That's when it got louder and it got physical," McGuire said.

As the troopers tried to talk about the situation with Huston, he struck one of them, according to the news release. McGuire said that trooper did not suffer any significant injuries and was back at work today.

Huston has been charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement, simple assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness, persistent disorderly conduct and harassment, police said.