Cops: Woman had counterfeit coupons and $3,000 in baby food

Now this is really cutting corners, or clipping them, to be more exact.

According to state police, around 6:35 p.m. Sunday, Amanda Panek, 27, of Lakewood, Ohio, went to the Walgreens on West Chester Pike in Chadds Ford and tried to use $10 worth of fake coupons to buy baby formula.

Police said the coupons were fraudulently reproduced. While they didn't say how Panek allegedly counterfeited the clippings, police did say she has also used the fake coupons in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Panek's van was seized and when it was searched by police, they discovered $3,555 worth of baby formula inside, according to a news release.

Either Panek had one very big and hungry baby or she planned to sell it on the baby formula black market. The stuff is expensive and people who steal it either tend to sell it or use it as a cutting agent to mix with illegal drugs.

There's no indication why Panek was allegedly employing her baby formula theft scheme in Delco and there's also no indication she is a baby formula terrorist, so that's good.

She was, however, charged with theft and related offenses.