Cops: Teen girls beat mentally-challenged woman, post video on Facebook

A pack of teen girls "unmercifully" beat a mentally-challenged woman in Chester and then posted a video of their unthinkable act on Facebook, police said.

"It's one of the more horrible things I've watched in 40 years of police work," said Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. "It was a senseless, unprovoked attack."  

Early this morning, a concerned citizen went to Chester police to report a disturbing video she had seen on Facebook.

According to Bail, the video begins with the group of six girls who appear to be around 15 or 16 rapping and dancing. At one point, one of the teens says "I'm gonna' f*** this b**** up" and they all jump on a 48-year-old woman who is sitting on the front stoop of her apartment.

Police have made the video available. It contains graphic violence and obscene language. The video can be seen here. A surveillance video, which also contains graphic violence, was released and can be found here.

"One of them punches her in the face and it was just like sharks in a feeding frenzy after that," Bail said.

The beating went from the woman's stoop in to her apartment when the girls chased the victim inside as she tried to get away. At one point, the victim screams for the girls to get off of her but all they do is make fun of how her apartment "stinks."

The assailants can be heard laughing and taunting the victim throughout the beating, which is believed to have taken place in the last day or two around 12th Street and Morton in Chester's Sun Village.

The victim did not go to a local medical facility but she did seek treatment for her injuries, Bail said. She is not hospitalized and police have been able to interview her. Bail said the victim is now being kept in a secure location.

Police said three of the assailants are now in custody and the Delaware County District Attorney's Office will charge them as adults. Bail said he is confident the other three suspects - two of whom participated in the beating and one who filmed it - will be caught.

Staff writer Morgan Zalot contributed to this report.