Cops: Road rager bit man, pulled gun

Don't bring your teeth to a gunfight. Unless you also bring a gun. Or two. That's what I always say.

Brett Gilbert knows what I'm talking about. The 60-year-old Lancaster County man was charged with assault after he allegedly bit Francisco Borges, 56, during a road rage incident last week behind the Hannum's Harley Davidson shop in Chadds Ford. Then he pulled out his trusty pistol.

"The argument escalated to a physical altercation resulting in Gilbert biting Borges about the right arm in addition to Gilbert retrieving a loaded .45 ACP handgun and threatening to use same," according to one of the many Pennsylvania State Police reports that come over the fax machine and are basically like junk mail for reporters but every once in a while there's something worth reading.

Both men, helpfully, remained on the scene until police arrived. And both were charged with simple assault in what police decided was a "mutual fight." Which seems pretty fair. Gilbert also had a .22-caliber handgun, I guess in case the .45 jammed.