Cops: Man swallows coke in front of police then dies

A 41-year-old man swallowed a large amount of coke in front of Chester Police when he was pulled over this afternoon, and it was not the kind you can buy in grocery stores.

What the man may have thought was a brilliant split-second decision to hide his cocaine turned out to have been the final decision of his life. He died later in the day at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, police said.

Around 12:16 p.m., the driver, whom police have not identified, was pulled over on 20th Street near Madison for reasons unknown.

Chester Police Capt. Anita Amaro said that when cops approached the man's car, he locked the doors and "commenced to ingesting a white chalk substance suspected to be cocaine." He swallowed so much of the drug that he had to takes gulps of water to wash it down, police said.

The man eventually unlocked his doors and paramedics were called to the scene, Amaro said.

After being taken to the hospital, where he talked with medical personnel, the man died, police said.