Cops: Man sent nude photos of woman to her boss

At the Daily News, we regularly get reports from the state police that may not be worthy of a full story on their own but are good enough to share with each other. The fact that the releases are still sent to us via fax somehow makes them even better.

I've got a stack of these reports dating back to last year and I'd like to begin sharing some of them with you today.

Back in September, a 19-year-old Media woman contacted state police to say that she suspected a 20-year-old Harleysville man had sent an anonymous email to her boss at the Rocky Run YMCA in Middletown Township that included an unusual attachment - a naked photo of her, according to state police.  

She suspected this Harelysville man, police said, because of certain "grammatical errors" in the email. I suspect she suspected him because he was her ex.

In the news release state police typed up detailing the incident, the investigating trooper had some interesting grammatical errors of his own.

"After speaking with the accused he confusing to sending the anonymous e-mail to the victims boss as well as attaching the nude photo of the victim," the trooper wrote. "I contacted the victim and told her that he confused."

I believe the trooper meant to write confessed, but the fact that he twice used confused instead left me, well, confused.

For some reason that will never be clear to me, police said the victim decided she didn't want to press charges against the man for sending nude photos of her to her boss.

She may be able to forgive, but I'm sure her boss will never be able to forget.