Cops: Man brings gun to police station to get drunken girlfriend released

Kenneth Stewart

Instead of bail money, a Glenolden man brought a gun to the Upper Darby police station early Saturday morning and demanded the release of his girlfriend, who'd been arrested earlier in the night for drunk and disorderly conduct, police said. 

Kenneth Stewart, 22, who was high as a kite himself, according to police, must have confused chivalry with stupidity. Instead of busting his lady out of the clinker, he wound up in a cell himself and remains there today on attempted murder charges and $250,000 bail, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Stewart's older girlfriend, Denise Pepe, 27, was arrested at the Playhouse Lanes on Garrett Road late Friday night for being drunk and disorderly and was taken in to custody, Chitwood said. Around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Stewart, who appeared intoxicated, showed up at the police station on West Chester Pike demanding her release, Chitwood said.

"The guy was crazed," he said. "We believe he was probably whacked out. He's a real bum."

Stewart was asked to leave and did so, but returned seconds later and fought with two officers as they tried to take him in custody, police said. During the struggle, Stewart pulled a fully-loaded gun out and although officers were able to wrestle it away from him before any shots were fired, a bullet was ejected from the gun somehow during the struggle, Chitwood said.

"It was kind of like a Mortal Combat situation," he said.

Once in custody, Upper Darby police discovered they had two warrants out for Stewart - one for threatening someone with a gun in December and the other for beating a man with a stick in June, according to police.

Stewart was charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer and related offenses. But even after his arrest, Stewart wouldn't stop. He was so out of control while in custody, doing things like spitting blood at officers, that police tasered him while he was in a holding cell, Chitwood said.

This is not the first time the Upper Darby police station has been a "battleground," according to Chitwood. In August 2004, there was a man who was shot and killed in the lobby by police and one of the officers involved was himself injured by friendly fire during the incident.

Though Stewart's alleged stupidity got him arrested, his fabulous hairdo was "courtesy of the Upper Darby police," as one camerman at today's news conference said.