Cops: Man arrested for stabbing, strangling and bagging cabbie

John Dillard's last ride as a cabbie was brutal.

The Germantown Taxi driver was found in the back seat of his his parked cab on Lamokin Street in Chester on June 23 wrapped in black, plastic trash bags, according to police. He'd been stabbed in the neck and strangled.

Today, Chester officials announced an arrest in Dillard's slaying and in a separate 2010 killing.

"Today is a good day," said Chester Mayor John Linder.

In Dillard's case, the day after he was found his fiance, Shawna Jordan, called police to report him missing, according to court documents. She said she'd last seen him when he went with her to Philadelphia Traffic Court for a hearing. 

When police reviewed traffic court surveillance videos, they found the couple had been conversing with a third man at court. That man was identified as Shamar Alexander, 27, of Philadelphia. Police obtained DNA from Alexander and tests showed his DNA matched DNA on the tape that was wrapped around the trash bags on Dillard's body, said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan.

Whelan said nobody was seen fighting in the traffic court video, but Dillard, Alexander and Jordan were seen talking. He refused to comment on the motive for the slaying, but seemed to imply it had less to do with traffic court and more to do with the relationship between the three individuals. He said it remains under investigation as to whether Jordan and Alexander were having an affair.

In the second homicide arrest announced today, Jamir Williams was charged with the October 2010 murder of Emerson Price, 22, who was killed in a double shooting on Madison Street near 10th. The other shooting victim recovered from his injuries.

Williams was already in jail for the July 24, 2010, slaying of Rahim Hicks at J & S Seafoods in Chester when police leveled murder charges against this week him for Price's killing.

"We believe with his removal from the city streets that we've taken a dangerous murderer off of the city streets," Whelan said. "Apparently, Mr. Williams has a very short temper and has a callous disregard for human life."

Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr., praised community members for coming forward with information that led to the arrests.

"I believe what I've seen since the beginning of January is an upsurge of cooperation," Bail said.