Cops: Delco bookkeeper kept nearly $1 million for herself

Bookkeeper Ruth Phillips stole more than $852,000 from her employer to live a "lavish life style," according to Delaware County authorities.

Bookkeeper Ruth Phillips may be crying in her mugshot but Delaware County authorities said she wasn't crying when she stole more than $852,000 from her employer to live a "lavish life style.".

Phillips, 54, was a family friend of John and Vince D'Annuzio, who own Pop Tuna Builders of Aston, which was formerly known as D'Annuzio & Sons, and was hired by the company as a bookkeeper in 2005, according to court documents.

Beginning in 2007 and continuing through this year, Phillips, of Aston, allegedly wrote 687 checks to herself or other companies - including Verizon, Chase Card Services and PECO - that were not authorized, police said. The amount of the allegedly stolen money totaled $852,777.

According to courts documents, when confronted with the thefts, Phillips allegedly admitted her misdeeds, cried and said she would sign over $40,000 in savings and her home to the company owners.

"The D'Annuzio's stated Phillips went on to say she was sorry and in the beginning she only took a little money but when it was never discovered she continued because she enjoyed the lavish life style," court documents said.

Phillips has been charged with theft, forgery and related offenses.

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