Cops: Car thief forged docs, used real name

Not sure if this guy is really smart (allegedly) or really stupid (allegedly). Leaning toward the latter.

Delaware County authorities today announced the arrest of Philly resident Daryl Davis, 30, who they say stole a 2004 GMC Sierra pickup truck from a Springfield car dealership by getting a key made at another dealership in Woodbury, NJ. That's the smart part. No broken glass, car alarms and whatnot. Nice and clean.

Daryl Davis DD

Except police had no trouble tracking Davis down. Even though he went through the trouble of forging an owner's card to get the key cut, Davis also used his real name, photo and driver's license info, cops say.

So, they just drove over to Davis' home on Cosgrove Avenue (stolen truck was helpfully parked right across the street), knocked on the door and determined that he lived there when a young child said Daddy had just left.

Not exactly Law & Order material.