Cops: Cabrini student calls in bomb threat to his dorm

A Cabrini College student who allegedly placed a bomb threat to his dorm using his personal cell phone should have rethought his call, maybe.

Daniel Bowden, 18, a freshman at the college in Radnor, has been charged with a felony count of terroristic threats and several other crimes, including harassment and false alarms to agencies of public safety, for his actions on St. Patrick's Day, also known as last Sunday.

Daniel Bowden

According to Radnor Det. T.J. Schreiber, Bowden used his cell phone to call a wall phone at Woodcrest Hall, a co-ed dorm where girls and boys live on alternate floors. Bowden lives in the dorm, but was not there when he placed the call to one of the phones on a girls' floor around 9:45 p.m., police said.

Bowden changed his voice during the call, though he did it the old fashioned-way and not with Auto-Tune or any other fancy voice modifiers, police said. During the call, he told the two girls who answered the phone that there was a "bomb in the building," police said.

Schreiber said Bowden later told police he placed the call as a prank. However, there is still no word on why it took two college girls to answer one phone.

After the call was placed, the girls pulled a fire alarm and the building was evacuated. Police, fire department and K-9 units responded and it took two hours to clear the scene, Schreiber said.

Once police pulled the call records to the landline, it was easy to track Bowden as the caller, Schreiber said. They cross-referenced the number with Cabrini College's records and determined the caller was a student, police said.

When police located Bowden, he admitted to making the call and said "it was no more than a prank," according to Schreiber.

Bowden has been suspended from Cabrini, according to police. He was arraigned today and released on $5,000 bail.

Police did not know if Bowden, a college student, had been drinking on St. Patrick's Day when he allegedly placed the call.