Cops: Bank cleaning man was dirty

Probably not the safest bet to allegedly rob a safe while you're on live video feed.

A Lansdowne janitor hoping for a clean break invited his cousin to the Upper Darby bank he was cleaning to rob the place, but the two were caught by surveillance cameras doing their dirty work, according to police.

Brandon Bennett, 24, was employed by Premier Cleaning Services and assigned to clean the Citizens Bank branch on Glendale Road near Ludlow Street, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

After finding a piece of paper on a desk that he believed contained the combination to the tellers' vault, Bennett invited his cousin, Jamal Gregory, 21, to the bank around 8 p.m. Friday while he was cleaning, police said.

Together the two allegedly tried to break into the vault - which contains $100,000 - but failed. Miserably. They set the security alarms off and turned the surveillance system on.

"The security cameras go on at the Citizens Bank security operation in Rhode Island and it picks them up on live feed," Chitwood said. "And there are these two guys turning the dial on the vault and holding the piece of paper."

Upper Darby police were quickly called to the scene and took Bennett and Gregory, who claimed to be from Tresckow, Pa.,  into custody . During police questioning, the men told officers they were going to use the money they intended to steal for "fantasy trips," Chitwood said.

Well guys, enjoy your magical mystery tour of jail.

"They thought they had the code to the motherload," Chitwood said, "but they had the code to get locked up."