Colwyn cops resign from chief-less department

Someday, Colwyn Borough is going to get its act together. Not today.

The tiny borough (about 170 acres in between Cobbs and Darby creeks) has been struggling to stay afloat for the past couple years amid an ongoing Democrat-vs.-Republican, black-vs.-white political feud that just won't end.

Colwyn Fire Co. No 1 disbanded in 2008. Then council fired the borough manager after eight months on the job. Then they fired longtime police Chief Bryan Hills, sparking a large protest in support of the chief.

Now, the police department seems to be barely functioning at all, and it looks like things are going to get worse -- if that's even possible -- before they get better. Three officers resigned last night, and an interim lieutenant was put in charge. They still have no chief. No one is answering the phone over there at the moment.

The bigger queston is can Colwyn's elected officials actually put their differences aside long enough to serve their 2,394 residents? Or does the state or a surrounding town need to adopt this problem child?

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