Collingdale firefighters busted for DUI, soliciting sex

Collingdale truck

Collingdale's two fire departments appear to be dueling for bigger headlines this month. And not the kind you get from rescuing children from burning buildings.

Colin Patrick McCann, the chief of Collingdale Fire Co. No. 1, was busted for DUI July 4 after he allegedly activated the emergency lights on his pickup and, according to Glenolden police, claimed that he was "showing my new lights to my family." But McCann, who has a previous DUI arrest, was alone in the pickup, according to the Delco Times. His blood-alcohol content was 0.13, over the legal limit.

Not to be outdone, firefighter Joseph Phillips, a life member of Collingdale Fire Co. No. 2, went out and got himself arrested the following week for allegedly soliciting sex from some dude walking down MacDade Boulevard. Police say Phillips – who was charged this year with masturbating in front of a woman in a Walgreen's parking lot and pleaded guilty to open lewdness and harassment charges – pulled up in his Explorer and started licking his lips, offering money for sex and generally just being an all-around perv.

So it's been that kind of month for Collingdale firefighters, most of whom, I should mention, do not drive drunk and/or fondle themselves in pharmacy parking lots. They got other things to do, like racing to the house that got firebombed this morning.