Clifton Heights front yard a no-swim zone

No, crop circles aren’t mysteriously appearing outside Delaware County row homes. Unfortunately. That brown circle on Joanne and Fred Mignogna’s Clifton Heights lawn is just a patch of dead grass, a sad reminder that children had fun there in the not-too-distant past by immersing themselves in an inflatable receptacle of cool, refreshing water.

This summertime phenomenon, also known as “swimming,” is apparently strictly prohibited in front yards within the borders of the Republic of Clifton Heights, according to Fox29, which reports that the Mignognas were fined $375 for their outrageous conduct.

“It sucks, it really does. It’s not a swim club, it’s just a pool for a six year old,” Fred Mignogna told Fox29’s Shawnette Wilson.

I’ll admit, the main reason I clicked on this story is because I live in the area and the headline cracked me up: “Delco Family Battles Borough Over Inflatable Pool." I thought maybe there was a dispute over who owned the thing. But this is bad, both on a libertarian/let-the-damn-kids-swim level, and from the perspective of a guy who, in his college years, had no qualms about sitting in a plastic pool in Upper Darby with a 30-pack of Budweiser.

Fred Mignogna, who doesn't have a backyard where he can inflate the pool legally like his neighbors, told Wilson the judge threw out his fine, but the borough still won’t budge on his pool, which apparently is in violation of a 50-year-old ordinance.

Where's the Occupy movement when it's really needed? Pool-party protest, anyone?