Botanical butcher slashes Swarthmore

Skip Laurel: Not asking for trouble

Over the summer, a serial plant poacher in Swarthmore wreaked havoc at Centennial Park for six weeks by stealing plants at night, according to police. He was filling the holes back in with dirt. Psychotic.

Now, some depraved individual is taking this madness to the private sector, police say, by targeting innocent Skip Laurel bushes outside homes. Officer Stilwell of the Swarthmore Police Department says this sicko has struck Amherst Avenue and Harvard Avenue, cutting bushes to "near ground level." Total loss is estimated at $300.

Is this the midnight plant poacher graduating from kidnapping to violent crime? What's next?

If you got a tip, call Swarthmore Police at 610-543-0123. Because there are a lot of plants, trees and bushes in Swarthmore, any of which could be the next victim.