Bob Marley's daughter sentenced for pot

Makeda Jahnesta Marley, the youngest of late reggae legend Bob Marley's baker's-dozen-sized brood, took seven years' probation over two to 23 months in prison yesterday.

No, she didn't shoot the sheriff or anything terrible like that. Marley, 29, was just growing some weed in her Chester County home, according to the Daily Local. From today's story:

Assistant District Attorney Carlos Barraza prosecuted the case and had asked Gavin to sentence Marley to 23 months in prison. Barraza noted Marley had lied to police when they arrived at her home on Sept. 10, 2008, by saying she was going to get a key to her basement to open it for them when in fact she went to the basement to get rid of the plants. Barraza also noted that Marley had been growing the pot while caring for her 5-year-old son in the house.

... Hy Mayerson, a Spring City attorney who said he had known Marley's family for years, said he was shocked to learn that she was growing and using marijuana because her parents, mother Yvette Crichton and stepfather Don Crichton, did not tolerate such activity, as did her father, who was widely known for his use of marijuana.

"She is a good and honorable person," Mayerson said.

Marley, who was born the same month that her Jamaican-born father died, didn't get any jail time for her indoor marijuana operation, but she has to report to prison tomorrow anyway for a DUI conviction.