R.I.P. Court the dog

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The Delaware County Sheriff's Office's first K-9, "Court," has died after nine years on the job, the office announced today. The... Read more

Protecting Pa.’s most vulnerable

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The state Legislature is finally addressing a major problem that you’ve probably never heard of. Pennsylvania is one of only five states... Read more

Wawa manager uses cell-phone jammer

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So a Wawa manager in Montgomery County planted a cell-phone jammer by the cash register to block people from making or receiving calls while... Read more

Cops: Stolen wood sold on Craigslist

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Perhaps, good wood is hard to find in DelCo - but it's not hard to sell. State police said that two guys - ages 15 and 21 - stole more than... Read more

Three guesses

Three guesses. What has this guy been busted for? Yep, you got it on your first try. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But some people... Read more

Cat cryonics? 20 frozen kitties found

Denise Merget, the Upper Darby cat hoarder who allegedly pulled a .38-caliber revolver on ASPCA officials this month when they tried to confiscate... Read more

That tapping sound you hear ...

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... is Bucks County Democrats hitting the panic button this morning. The Daily News/Franklin & Marshall College poll shows Republican Mike... Read more

Hothead Chester cop or "family man?"

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Chester Police Officer Joshua Dewees, whose alleged misbehavior sparked a protest out front of the police station last year, is back in the... Read more