Home invader blasted by his own shotgun

Because I know there's nothing that philly.com commenters appreciate more than a story about a bad guy getting shot, here's a blurb out of Upper Darby that police Superintendent Michael Chitwood calls a "home invasion gone awry."

Apparently, the homeowner went all Bruce Willis on the upstanding gentlemen who found their way into his house.

Chitwood tells Delco Times reporter Linda Reilly: "At least three, possibly four men were at the door of the house. They rang the bell and when the occupant opened the door they rushed in. The first guy in had a 12-gauge shotgun and the victim struggled with the guy and wrestled the shotgun from his hands. He fires the gun and strikes at least one because he fell to the ground. The others fled leaving the guy struck by gunshot behind.”

The would-be home invader was transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for treatment of a collapsed lung. Do you really care how he's doing today? Me neither.