What to make of Bynum's dancing?

So, Andrew Bynum is back on his feet and flamenco dancing in Spain these days, huh?

What's next, Dancing with the (rehabbing) Stars?

I don’t know if this means he’s ultimately going to dance his way out of South Philly and somewhere else (somebody will pay the free agent), but that has to be viewed as at least interesting by the 76ers.

This is by far the most nimble he’s looked on his feet at any time since the team traded for him. And while it’s offensive to some that he’d dare go out and enjoy his life and his millions rather than sit around and be as miserable as some of his detractors, who knows, maybe the dual knee surgery is helping.

Of course, dancing in a club doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near close to being ready to bang bodies down low in the NBA. But Bynum, as big a disappointment as he was, is still this team’s best shot at avoiding what looks like an even bigger drop from relevance.