Welcome to Miami

Sixers just finished shootaround at American Airlines Arena. Not much happens at these shootarounds. A little bit of shooting -- as you may have guessed -- some discussion of the Miami Heat, most likely. After the shootaround, Sixers head coach Maurice Cheeks said the Sixers are concerning themselves with, mostly, two players tonight: Dwayne Wade and Michael Beasley.

Wade: We know his deal. I would expect to see Andre Iguodala on Wade.

Beasley: Cheeks said Sam Dalembert would start on Beasley. Cheeks made a point to say Beasley's game is versatile, inside-outside. We might see some Elton Brand on Beasley, if things don't go well for Sam.

Iguodala spent about 15 minutes with Aaron McKie at the end of shootaround, shooting 3-pointers. He was the last one on the court (along with Andre Miller at the other end shooting free throws). The shot looked smooth today. I'm predicting a big game from Iguodala tonight.

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