Update: Workouts, Kaman, Ellis, etc.

According to a report, the Sixers are in trade talks with the Clippers involving Chris Kaman. (AP Photos)

The 76ers have already held four pre-draft workouts and they announced today that they won't be holding anymore until next week because members of the front office are traveling overseas for a scouting trip. So we can all rest easy that this weekend won't produce an onslaught of draft prospect info. (Or am I the only one who will rest easy with that news?)

As for trade info, this is a busy time of year. As Sixers president Rod Thorn has said, he talks to "15 to 20" teams a week about potential trades. Some are more specific than others, some get leaked and some don't. Right now we're working with two specific trades the Sixers have (as confirmed by the Inquirer and Marc Stein of ESPN) discussed: swingman Andre Iguodala to the Golden State Warriors for guard Monta Ellis and Iguodala to the Los Angeles Clippers for big man Chris Kaman.

Both deals can be done straight up and both deals fill a hole -- one for a scoring guard, the other for a big man -- that the Sixers need filling. As we've said repeatedly here, the priority in trading Iguodala is landing a scoring guard. Filling the need at center can come in other ways: the draft, free agency, etc. If Iguodala is the biggest chip, then he has to bring back the most crucial need. Take from that what you will. We'll stay on both of these trades.

We caught up with Iguodala this week at the NBA Players Association's broadcasting school, which is held in affiliation with Syracuse University. He hasn't yet started working out because he's been resting his knee and his Achilles tendinitis that hindered him throughout last season. He leaves today (Thursday) to go over to China for a Nike program he does every year. He said when he returns from China, he's cleared to begin working out.

There's a lot of news out there: Sixers sale, potential trades, draft, workouts, lockout, etc. We'll be getting it on here whenever it's relevant. On Friday (tomorrow), we'll be holding our weekly Live Chat at 1 p.m. We'll be taking all questions about the Kaman trade, the Ellis trade, the potential sale, everything, so please join in if you have a few minutes. Also, this weekend is Part IV of our Sixers 2.0 Blueprint series. That will be in Sunday's edition of the Inquirer. As always, please follow on Twitter, that's where everything goes first: Deep Sixer.


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