Thad done?

During tonight's pre-game availability, it sounded a lot like forward Thaddeus Young would be done for the rest of the season, which, granted, is only one more week. The Sixers finish the regular season next Wednesday at the Orlando Magic.

Tonight at the Wachovia Center, the Sixers (26-50) play the Detroit Pistons (23-53).

About 90 minutes before the game, Sixers coach Eddie Jordan said Young (fractured right thumb) would be out for tonight's game. When asked how Young's thumb has healed and if he might be out for the season, Jordan said: "I don’t think he is [healing quickly]. I don’t want to predict anything, he might be. But the crack in his thumb hasn’t healed as quickly as we would like."

Young received an x-ray before tonight's game. A decision will be made after tonight's game about whether Young will be given clearance to return or whether he will be sidelined for the season's last five games: Young said the decision will be made one way or the other.

Young said the decision hinges on the status of the fracture.

"That was the whole issue and factor," Young said. "Right now I’m waiting to see and hopefully they say ‘Yes’. If they say ‘No’, I have to be out for the rest of the season."

Young said he is in no pain and can also shoot and dribble without pain. He said he's "waiting on those guys," to make a decision (meaning the medical staff).

That decision will come after tonight's game.