Summer League Game 2

The Sixers/Nets Summer League team plays its second game today at 5 p.m., this one against the Utah Jazz. Since these games are tough to really evalute, the only really interesting story line is that Utah's first-round pick is point guard Eric Maynor from VCU. Obviously, Maynor's name was circulating pre-draft as a guy the Sixers might be interested in. The Sixers chose Jrue Holiday. I would think Holiday and Maynor would be matched up for much of tonight's game.

If you have some free time and want to watch an on-line stream of the game, click here: Summer League.

It's still early summer, but another thing to keep an eye on is Marreese Speights. It certainly seems like the minutes of Sixers starting center Samuel Dalembert, which were dwindling even last year, might continue that downward trend. With big-man Jason Smith still not fully recovered from a knee injury, Speights would seem to be the guy to whom a lot of those minutes would fall. In yesterday's game, he spent a lot of time shooting jumpers on the perimeter. I think today the Sixers/Nets will look to get him more touches on the block.

So that's the snapshot of tonight's Summer League game.

And as for the free agent market, which is really the hot ticket, here's a few quick hits:

1.) Mike Bibby has -- as was reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution -- agreed to a deal returning him to the Hawks. Although it had already seemed unlikely the Sixers would be able to snag Bibby, now that door is officially closed.

2.) Andre Miller and the Sixers seem to be far apart in their demands, with Miller's camp wanting money in the 3-year/$30 million range. The potential sign-and-trade with the Portland Trailblazers, according to one source, is not being discussed. So, for right now, there isn't much developing on this front.

3.) What "role players" will the Sixers sign to fill in the holes left by guys like Kareem Rush, Royal Ivey, Theo Ratliff, etc? Tom Moore out at Phillyburbs has said the Sixers have contacted former Sixer Rodney Carney, who was part of that cap-clearing space during the 2007-08 season, but Carney wants more than the minimum the Sixers would be offering. Ivey, who opted out of his contract, would be open to returning to the Sixers, but has yet to hear from them. Obviously, Rush and Ratliff are goners.

4.) If Miller does not return -- and that is looking less and less likely -- than the Sixers have Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday as their point guards. The Sixers are willing to give Williams a chance to run the show, but would first try to find another point guard for help on the free-agent market. One guy to look at is Juan Dixon, who played for Eddie Jordan with the Washington Wizards. He would be a vet minimum guy, although he's not a traditional PG. Another guy that might be a possibility is Bobcats PG Raymond Felton, who is a restricted free agent.