Summer League Game 1

Jrue Holiday (19) warms up before the Sixers/Nets first Summer League game in Orlando.

It's halftime of the first game at the Orlando Pro Summer League. It's the Sixers/Nets vs. the Indiana Pacers. If you want to watch the live on-line stream of the games, click here: Summer League.

The Sixers/Nets team started: G Jrue Holiday, G-F Jason Ellis (Memphis), G-F Terrence Williams (Louisville), F Jason Ellis (Boise State), and F Marreese Speights.

Holiday spent most of the first half at the point guard spot, running the team. He looked a little rusty running point, throwing a couple of bad passes in transition and off pick and rolls, but he looked very quick and aggressive on defense. He also did a solid job getting the team into the offense. For much of the first half, he was guarded by Will Blalock from Indiana. Also, AJ Price spent a little time pressuring Holiday. Holiday took a couple of longer shots off the pick-and-roll. At the half, Holiday is 1 for 4 with 4 points, 1 assist and 3 turnovers.

Here are the final numbers for Holiday: 9 points (3 of 11 shooting), 2 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, 5 turnovers.

Holiday is a very strong defender. He did make a bunch of mistakes at the end, but all of them seemed a combination of fatigue and rust (he hasn't played the point since high school).

Speights started on Roy Hibbert and looked much more aggressive and strong (and confident) on defense. He had a few tip ins (as he usually does) and a nice reverse finish, but also a took (and made a few) 18-footers. He was very aggressive on the offensive glass as he was this season for the Sixers. At the half, Speights has 20 points and 6 rebounds on 7 for 16 shooting.

Final numbers for Speights were 28 points (11 for 26 shooting), 11 rebounds.

Christmas didn't play much in the first half. Had one open look on the left wing that he missed. Christmas is 0 for 1.

Christmas finished 1 for 3 with 2 points in 16 minutes.

Check out the pictures, which give a sense of the Summer League's environment.