Stefanski discusses Miller situation

Sixers GM Ed Stefanski said today that the team and Andre Miller are far apart on contract negotiations. (Ron Cortes / File photo)

Just after the Sixers/Nets held shootaround from 11-12 today at the RDX Sportsplex in Orlando, Sixers General Manager Ed Stefanski talked about the official opening of free agency and what that means for the Sixers, specifically point guard Andre Miller.

Here's Stefanski's answers to questions about what the Sixers might do in the next few weeks: 

Have you made a formal offer to point guard Andre Miller?
“We have made an offer to Andre and [agent] Andy Miller. But they’re looking for a better offer from other places. And I’d say right now we’re in the mode of if there is a sign-and-trade that makes sense for both parties.”
How far apart are you?
“I’d say we’re far apart.”
Does anything change in what you’re willing to offer Miller because other point guards like Mike Bibby and Jason Kidd received longer, bigger contracts?
“To me it’s a market for Andre Miller, not what other people get.”
What sign-and-trades are out there, or have you discussed?
“A couple, but not a lot. Andy Miller is canvassing the league trying to see if there are sign-and-trades that are possible. Talked to a couple of teams, but I wouldn’t say there is anything that’s imminent.”
Are you far apart in years, money, both?
“It’s both.”
What’s the next option, if it’s not Miller?
“Lou Williams is going to have an opportunity here; we’ve been grooming him for 4 years. We gave him a contract last year to play basketball, so he’ll have a great opportunity. The kid, here, [Jrue] Holiday, we’ll see how he progresses. And we’ll obviously go out and look for a guy for that position, too.”
What kind of guy would you try to get for that position?
“I think we’d look for a veteran who would help and compete for that starting position. This would be Eddie Jordan's [decision]: Is it Lou Williams job to lose, or bring that vet in to compete with him and then see how the rookie progresses … that’s an option, sure, you have to plan for all the options that will be available.”
Is Stefanski okay with the option of Lou Williams running the point?
“I’m fine with the option, I think Lou Williams has a chance to be that guy. Give him a shot. We’re in a situation where we have a young nucleus of guys who have playoff experience, but we’re going to grow with them. And to go long-term on a contract with an older point guard, we don’t see that as being a viable option right now.”
Has Stefanski’s view of Miller’s value changed since last season’s mid-season trading deadline?
“It changes when the market place changes, yes. The market place has changed dramatically …Andre Miller did a very nice job for us, but where we are stationed right now and what type of team we have, to go long-term is not a prudent decision for our franchise.”
But Stefanski is willing to do 1 year with Miller?
“Well, that’s something you’ll have to talk to Andy Miller about.”
The Sixers/Nets summer league team plays tonight at 7.