Some Fans Showing Faith In Sixers

CHICAGO - While waiting for connecting flights, it's as good a time as any to comment on some of the interesting posts about the Sixers first round playoff series with the Detroit Pistons.

First of all, people like Ray and Zeru, who predict the Sixers will win the series, my hat goes off to you for going against the norm. We'll see how it goes.By the way, Ray asks if he is crazy for picking Denver over the Lakers. The word may not be crazy, but let's just say you're wrong.

To the Greek - two words on your comment on Willie Green and I being bowling buddies - cheap shot. My response on Green has been consistent. Sure they need to do better at two guard and he has been inconsistent, but Green has also had his moments.

Changing the lineup at this point to put Thaddeus Young at the three, isn't something we would advocate. Doing it next season when the team has training camp to work things out, would be better.

Plus, I like Thaddeus at the four because he is more athletic than just about any power forward he goes against. The fans seem to get hung up on who starts. The key is who finishes, and as Mo Cheeks said again today after practice, Willie Green usually doesn't finish games unless he is playing exceptionally well.And if Green isn't playing well early, Cheeks won't have him out there as long against the Pistons. It's as simple as that.

The best finishing lineup is Miller and Lou Williams in the backcourt with Iguodala and Thad at forward and Dalembert at center.

As for some of the other comments, Jason from Los Angeles was disappointed that I'm picking Detroit in five games and wondering why somebody who has followed the team all year wasn't showing more faith.

The reason I'm not picking the Sixers is that I have followed them all year and have seen an inconsistent group, which is why they are 40-42.

Nothing would be more pleasing than to see the Sixers win this series, but you have to go with what you've seen, and they don't match up well with the veteran Pistons.

The only chance is for the Sixers to get out in transition, but Detroit is one of the toughest teams to run against.Either way, it's good to hear the different views on this series, even if I have to duck from some of the shots being taken in blogsville.