Sneak peek: New 76ers owner Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris graduated from Penn's Wharton School of Business. (Peter Foley / Bloomberg)

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In Sunday's edition of the Inquirer, we'll be running a long profile of Joshua Harris, who leads the investment group whose purchase of the Sixers is pending approval by the NBA's Board of Governors. Harris declined interview through a spokesman, but we caught up with a number of his long-time friends and also a few former classmates from either Penn's Wharton School or Harvard Business School. 

Here are a few quotes; the full story will run on Sunday.

"I think his ease and casualness in the way he does things," said long-time friend Bippy Siegal of Raycliff Investments. "What I mean is, you’ll be sitting and discussing a topic with him and he’ll say, ‘I don’t quite understand that.’ And then in five minutes, not only does he understand it, he knows more about it than you did and you studied it for 10 years. It’s kind of a screwed-up skill to have. And it kind of bums me out."


"Is this a toy? No. There’s just no way," said Scott Stewart, who attended HBS with Harris. "I can’t see him treating this as a toy. He’s a serious businessman and the way to be successful in this case in the NBA is to win NBA Championships. It’s a very definitive and tangible goal. His seriousness and again his track record of success would lead you to believe that that’s his ambition with the team: not only to win one, but win multiple."


"We were big fans," said Tony Ignaczak, who attended Wharton undergrad with Harris from 1982-86. "I don’t specifically remember attending Sixers games, because tickets were expensive and as students we didn’t have a lot of money, but we were clearly Philadelphia sports fans and that was a great era for Philadelphia basketball."


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