Sixers v. Nets

Just got back from the locker room here at the Wachovia Center. Here's the news: Royal Ivey, Rodney Carney, and Stromile Swift all out for tonight's game with strained left hamstrings. That means we'll probably see more of rookie Jrue Holiday tonight.

Sixers v. New Jersey Nets in tonight's pre-season home opener. Should probably be a sellout crowd. Jokes.

But, for real, I'm interested to watch this Princeton Offense in something other than a practice. Here's a few things to watch (listen), for those of you watching (listening). (This game isn't on TV, but you can listen to the live stream at

1.) The two guard situation. There's no point guard ... we've heard this all summer and pre-season. Lou Williams is an attack guard, not a point guard, and Eddie Jordan feels their is no pressure on Lou to be a point guard. I wasn't in Canada, but I heard that Andre Iguodala and Williams shared lead guard duties. Lou even said he thought Iguodala handled the ball even more.

2.) Dalembert. Okay, so I've already said he looks better in practice. But I'm interested to see how he runs this offense tonight. I'd like to see him get some looks in the post and see what cuts they run off of him.

3.) Kapono. Now they have their three-point shooter, so let's see what kinds of lanes he opens for them ...

We're still over two weeks from the season opener so these story lines have such a long time to play out. Also, I'll try to be on Twitter tonight. Feel free to follow: Deep Sixer. Check out the video from behind the scenes. It's in the video player at the right.

Until later ...