Sixers v. Cavaliers


It has been a while since I linked a Sixers chat within my blog. Today is the day. We'll be launching a Sixers chat at 3 p.m. this afternoon in advance of tonight's home game against LeBron James's team (the Cavaliers). If you have a free hour and would like to join, click here: Sixers Chat.

Much has happened since the Phillies went to Los Angeles and returned as NLCS champs: Elton Brand missed a couple of games, Sam Dalembert is day-to-day (aren't we all?), Andre Miller had a faux pas in Cleveland, the Sixers cut Antywane Robinson, and Marreese Speights (from what I've gathered) has looked like a rookie ready to make an impact.

We'll talk about all these things, and whatever else arises.

The Sixers had shootaround at the Wachovia Center this morning at 10. The Cavaliers shootaround followed.

(Photo: That's Thaddeus Young for you Sixer fans who've never seen a game, don't own a TV, and have never surfed the internet. Thad is doing an interview with CBS, offering his best wishes to the Phillies, who are playing in the World Series, for those who don't own a TV, have never ...)

Of note: Sam Dalembert won't be playing tonight due to a right knee contusion/sprain.

After shootaround head coach Maurice Cheeks said his main goal with these last two preseason games (tonight against the Cavs and tomorrow at New Jersey) is to get some run time in for the guys who will mostly be on the floor. He said he wishes Sam was going tonight because he still wants Sam and Elton on the floor together. "Game minutes" is what he called these next two games.

As for the Sixers still keeping Jared Reiner (and releasing Robinson), Cheeks said Reiner is a "solid player who understands the game." He also said Reiner is "upbeat and positive" and that even when Reiner was hurt, you didn't  know it. Having seen Jared interact with everyone, it's clear he's a chemistry guy.

Marreese Speights, the rookie extraordinaire. Cheeks said he has been a touch surprised by Speights. Cheeks said specifically that after the Knicks game, when Speights played well, Speights came back to the practice floor and continued the solid play, having gained confidence.

Hope to see you guys at 3 p.m. ... My hope is that, having been so far out of the loop (Los Angeles being similar to a foreign country), you guys will share some of your observations from the last 10 days, too.

Be back later ...

-- Kate