Sixers 'spoiling' Collins



CLEVELAND - Following their relatively easy win over the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday, Sixers coach Doug Collins revealed that in order for the Sixers to have a successful start to the season – which is now more than 1/3 over - the Sixers had to reach 20 wins before they suffered their ninth loss.


The 19-9 Sixers can accomplish this on Monday when they play at Charlotte.  The Bobcats have lost 14 in a row and they last won on Jan. 14.


“Coming in, the coaches and I got together and our goal was to hopefully get 20 wins before we got 10 losses,” Collins said. “If we can get that then we’ll be 20-9. If we can get that, we thought that would be a hell of a start.”


Collins was asked if he was surprised by what the Sixers had accomplished, especially the way they have played on the road following a loss. When they lost at home to Miami a little over a week ago, they responded by thrashing Atlanta on the road.  And after playing a grind-it-out game against the Los Angeles Clippers that resulted in a gut-wrenching loss this past Friday at Wells, the Sixers beat the brakes off of Cleveland.


“They have spoiled me with their effort,” Collins said. “They bring it every night. They really do. They are a professional group. The guys really help each other out. I think our guys really like coming out on the road; I think they really like it. We love playing at home, obviously, but they like coming out on the road and pulling together.”


Collins has the Sixers knowing that every single game they play is of the utmost importance. If you don’t believe it, check out Jrue Holiday talking about putting an end to the two-game losing streak that the Sixers brought with them to Cleveland.


“I didn’t really think about it because every game is a must-win game,” Holiday said. “The last game was a must-win game. The next game is a must-win game. I really think that we see every game coming up as a must-win game. That’s the kind of mentality that we have to have.”



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