Sixers have six NBA players and a lot of questions

Sixers head coach Brett Brown chats with Michael Carter-Williams. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – There are only two definites about the 76ers’ roster.

The first thing is that Michael Carter-Williams, James Anderson, Evan Turner, Thad Young and Spencer Hawes are the clear starters. The second thing is that power forward/center Lavoy Allen is an experienced NBA talent that’s finding his way back into shape.

“And after that, who knows?” Sixers coach Brett Brown said before Monday’s 104-93 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers at Schottenstein Center.

“You have six NBA players and then you have a bunch of guys who are fighting for spots and want to be seen and need opportunity,” Brown added.

With that, the Sixers (2-4) still have decisions to make before cutting their roster down to 15 players in time for the start of the season. Brown said Sunday the cut-down day is on Oct. 27. But he hasn’t ruled out finalizing the roster sooner.

“For me, I go straight away to just the type of people [they are],” Brown said. “You know, are they going to be reliable? Are they going to compete? Are they going to be day-to-day? Do they come with personality? Can they be coached? Do they want to be coached? All those things matter.”

Brown wants to select the right personalities to deal with the upcoming extraordinary difficult season. He wants guys who can withstand the losses, stay positive and keep the locker room together.

As a result, high character wins out when deciding between two players who are close in talent.

 “It’s not even close,” Brown said. “It has to be. Imagine going through the learning curve and the learning pains and, at times, some losses are going to be mounting up and mounting up and mounting up.”

During those stretches, he added the Sixers must still stay together, still play defense, still stay in great shape and still play good basketball.

 “We are not going to let it get ratty,” Brown said. “We are not going to let it break up.  All those things have to be the foundation of anything that we do or it will get ratty quick.

“And we can’t let it. I can’t let it. So it always gets back to people.”

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