Sixers, Bynum merchandise not moving off the shelves

Injured Andrew Bynum watches his teammates go thru pre-game drills. Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Sixers on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at Wells Fargo Center. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Andrew Bynum hasn’t shown up on the court, and he is a no-show on 5th Avenue as well.

The NBA on Wednesday released the list of its top-selling individual and team jerseys and LeBron James, who led the Miami Heat to the NBA championship this past season, and the New York Knicks – who haven’t won a championship in decades – are the winners.
The list is made up of the top 15 selling individual players and the top 10 teams. The list is based on the sales at the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue and on from April 2012 through Nov. 26.
Even thought he was vilified for leaving Cleveland to sign with the Miami Heat almost three summers ago, James, No. 4 on the list the last time it was released, now that he’s won a title, isn’t seen as the villain he once was.  The Knicks, who haven’t won a championship since 1973, still have a strong fan base, and they play in the country’s largest market. Last year they were second on the list behind Chicago.
One might think that after the Sixers acquired Bynum in that massive four-team, 12-player deal that there might have been a spike in Sixers jersey sales – and there could have been, but the league doesn’t release player numbers outside of the top 15 and team sales outside of the top 10.
I dare say that the Sixers and Bynum would have seen a huge jump in those sales – even though he didn’t become a Sixer until August – if he were out there playing and not hurt. Putting a healthy Bynum with numbers even remotely close to the ones he put up last season would probably have the Sixers atop the Atlantic Division or, in my opinion, at least tied with New York for the division lead.
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