Reaching .500 A Big Deal For Sixers

Doug Collins and the Sixers are 29-29 on the season. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

The 76ers have reached the .500 mark but are looking for much more.

There wasn't a lot of screaming and celebrating, but the 76ers to a man were certainly proud to reach the .500 level after Friday's 110-94 win over the visiting Detroit Pistons.

It's been a long way to .500, especially after a 3-13 start, when the thought of the postseason appeared to be a pipedream.

What was interesting is that the Sixers were the same type of team in turmoil a year ago that the Detroit Pistons are now.

Never mind that seven players missed the shootaround for the Pistons. The Sixers didn't have a letdown and finally ran the Pistons into the ground, with 31 fast break points, compared to eight for Detroit.

So while the players and coach Doug Collins weren't popping corks at entering the .500 zone, they were clearly proud that they have turned around a season that looked a lot like last year in the beginning but has since taken a serious turn upward. 

The Sixers are getting to the point where they aren't taking any team for granted. And there will be another test on Sunday when they visit the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then again, Cleveland just beat the New York Knicks on Friday, doing the Sixers a favor in the process.

To a man, the Sixers expressed the same message - we're happy to be .500 but we want to keep moving up.

It took so long to reach .500 and that alone will be motivation to stay there, especially now for a team that is playing as if it doesn't want to return below the level where they stand at this moment.

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